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With over 50 years in the water treatment industry, Hague is the leading provider of home and business water filtration systems. The Watermax system carry a 25 year limited warranty and currently holds 9 United States patents. The Watermax system carries some of the highest efficeincy ratings in the industry. That quality extends to drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning with a product and service you can trust.

Why should we get our water tested?

Most Americans look past the benefits of having healthy water and don't understand how vital it is to have healthy quality water.
Water testing kit - Water Services in Wildwood, MO
The question we should be asking is, "What is in our water and how does it affect my health?" The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actually recommends getting your water tested on an annual basis.

Did you know that in most of our communities, chlorine is added into the water supply to kill harmful bacteria that is present in the underground pipes from the treatment facilities to our homes and businesses?

However, once the water reaches our taps the chlorine has done its job and we need to get rid of it! According to researchers, drinking, cooking and bathing in chlorinated water can lead to an array of health problems for you and your family. Let one of our trained water treatment professionals find out what you may be up against with your water with a free in-home water analysis.

The results will be given to you immediately. With the help of your trained All Pro Water professional you can decide how to begin to address any concerns that may be found in your water.



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