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Water Testing

Your local Hague dealer offers efficient, effective water testing services.

Learn exactly what's in your water, and why it needs to be treated

Water testing is crucial to ensure your family is consuming clear, great-tasting water free of harmful contaminants. Contaminated water may lead to various health issues, while water that is too hard will damage the plumbing and appliances in your home. Not only can a water treatment system benefit your health, but it can also save you money from costly plumbing repairs!

All Pro Water provides comprehensive testing for your home’s water to get a clear view of the root cause of any water problems, and recommend an accurate treatment plan, if needed.

Many tests can be conducted and reviewed during your in-home water consultation, but some may require testing at our local independent lab.

Noticing a rotten egg smell in your home's water, staining on appliances, or mineral buildup in your shower or bath? Each of these symptoms can be easily diagnosed with a simple examination of your home's water and water treatment system.

All Pro Water's highly qualified technicians can test for:

  • Non-harmful contaminants (such as hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese)
  • Broad spectrum analysis, identifying various in-organics (such as lead, copper, and arsenic)
  • Coliform and E-coli bacteria
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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